Jumpstart Your Fertility!   

What if you could boost your fertility naturally with simple lifestyle changes? 

That’s exactly what you’ll discover in Jumpstart Your Fertility.

The Jumpstart Your Fertility course is a journey for preparing your mind, body and life for pregnancy with a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom.


I'm Ready to Jumpstart my Fertility!

Heather Christie

"From 2 years to 2 weeks!"


I’ll let you hear it from Heather in her own words, but the short story is that after trying for two years, she and her husband conceived within two WEEKS after beginning to explore the Jumpstart Your Fertility tools!

While I can’t guarantee this exact timeline for everyone, when you say YES to your Jumpstart Your Fertility Journey, you immediately begin optimizing your unique timeline for conceiving.  And just as importantly, you eliminate the pressure and stress of trying to conceive and reclaim your joy and excitement for this special time in your life!


Imagine for a moment,  feeling...   

Supported by a tribe of other strong, wise women as you cross the sacred threshold into motherhood

Empowered, possessing the knowledge you need to boost your fertility naturally with simple changes you can implement in your daily life

Connected to your intuition, sourced from your connection to your very own body and heart and a deep sense of self-trust

Vibrant and juicy from being fully nourished emotionally, physically and spiritually 


We live in a time where fertility challenges have seemingly become an epidemic, with around 15% of couples in the U.S. struggling to become pregnant. Many end up turning to fertility clinics for answers and spending tens of thousands of dollars in the process— when a significant portion of the time, the cause of their fertility challenges remains unknown.

Why is this?   

In just one month, women today experience the same level of toxin exposure our grandmother’s generation did in their entire lifetime. This impacts not only our hormonal health and fertility, but also the quality of our reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) and even the expression of your baby's genesWhile your baby’s genes are already determined, how these genes are expressed is influenced by your environment and lifestyle...months before you even become pregnant!    

The Jumpstart Your Fertility course guides you to unlock nature's secrets for putting the power to boost your fertility back where it belongs:  in your hands.  


And while you can implement these changes easily, make no mistake about it: they are scientifically proven factors to increase your chances of conceiving with or without assistance.   

How much is being a healthy, thriving Mama in this new chapter worth to you? 

What will you learn?   

Jumpstart Your Fertility consists of 5 modules that lay the foundation for your journey to conceive, maintain a thriving pregnancy, and ultimately for motherhood.

The Jumpstart Your Fertility journey brings the sexy back into the process of conceiving while enriching your journey with sacred traditions.

Each step we take together is designed to guide you home to your own embodied wisdom, deepening your sense of self-trust and giving your baby the best possible start to life! 

Having been a doula for over a decade, I would be honoured to serve as your guide through your journey of conceiving, pregnancy and birth, ushering you across the threshold to motherhood! 

Jumpstart My Fertility Now!

Module 1: Finding Your Flow

Both our emotional and physical wellness affects our fertility, and the health of our menstrual cycle is a barometer for both. In this module, you'll discover how to optimize your delicate balance of hormones through each phase of your cycle to increase your energy, stabilize your mood and of course strengthen your fertility.

Module 2: The Fertility Killer

We evolved to protect against pregnancy in times of famine, war and instability. So the bad news is our reproductive system is very sensitive to physical, emotional and mental stress. But the good news is that simple changes can go a long way to boosting your fertility!

In this module, you'll begin eliminating the #1 fertility killer which is stress. Together we'll identify the most common ways stress manifests physically to sabotage your chances of conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy.

Module 3: Your Fertility Protector

How do you protect yourself from the #1 Fertility Killer? In this module, you'll learn ways to embody more of your juicy feminine energy to enliven your natural fertility from within.

These ancient yet practical self-care practices will help take you out of stress mode and into relaxation, aliveness and creativity, where your fertile feminine energy can thrive. 

Module 4: Toxin Exposure Inventory

The best-kept fertility secret is that our bodies are nature herself!  And like nature in its optimal state, our bodies are naturally abundant and fertile and want to thrive.  This module will guide you to detox your diet, body and home from toxic endocrine disruptors commonly found in our food, water, and air, as well as bodycare, beauty and common household products. If this sounds intense, fear not! We'll hold your hand through this process and take you step-by-step so adopting a fertility-friendly lifestyle feels as natural as slice of cake! 

Module 5: Feed Your Fertility

We all know the importance of good nutrition today when it comes to our overall health and well being. But unfortunately, many nutrition trends today take us away from understanding what our bodies need for optimal fertility. In this module, you'll learn how to optimize your nutrition for fertility by exploring the ideal balance of macronutrients, discovering fertility superfoods as well as learning which micronutrients are essential for both hormonal balance and boosting your egg quality. And if you're partnered, you'll receive a straight-forward "cheat sheet" you can share to help your partner get on the same page and boost their fertility with simple guidelines for optimizing their diet.

Bonus Module: Opening to Motherhood

This section of the course takes you deep into layers no other fertility program touches.  You'll be guided in preparing mentally, emotionally and even spiritually for motherhood and uncovering potential unconscious blocks you may be carrying around becoming pregnant. Finally, you'll clarify the new and unique identity you’re stepping into as a mom and create your support system for this new chapter. As a doula, I've seen how essential this is in preventing postpartum depletion syndrome and even perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression. And if you're partnered, the important foundations you'll build in this module will ensure this next chapter as a parent strengthens rather than stresses your relationship, as is the case with too many couples. 

Hey Sister, I am Ivy Joeva

 I'm a doula, coach and educator, serving women and couples since 2009 from pre-conception through postpartum recovery.

Drawing from my background in holistic medicine, integrative nutrition and women's health, coupled with over a decade supporting clients through their fertility and pregnancy journeys, I've developed a protocol that empowers you to boost your fertility naturally and prepare your body for pregnancy with simple lifestyle changes.


Plus, you'll receive even more support:  

Workbooks & Resources

As well as the training videos from Ivy herself, you'll also receive workbooks, resources and product recommendations to support you on your fertility journey.


You'll receive guided meditations for connecting with the physical center of your fertility, your womb space. In this sacred practice you'll also unlock the language of your emotions to fine tune your relationship with your feelings and needs essential tools for strengthening your fertility, experiencing a joyful pregnancy and thriving in your new role as a Mom!

Hear from Guest Experts & Ivy herself

Lifetime Access

Bonus Module: Opening to Motherhood

Motherhood Journal



To unlock all this knowledge and jumpstart your fertility, join below, sister!



Most Affordable

  • Immediate access to all 5 modules to work through at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to JYF, including access to any updates and a library of guest speaker recordings
  • Guided Meditations
  • Supplementary workbooks, resources & product recommendations
  • Opening to Motherhood keepsake to journal and reflect upon your journey
  • Bonus Module: From Maiden to Mother

Katy & Joel (& baby Zahra)

Pregnant in One Try!  


Katy and Joel sat down to share about their experience working with me to prepare for pregnancy. The short story is, after going through their fertility program they got pregnant in one try! Which to use Katy’s own words is truly “mind blowing.” She shares how our work together helped her get in tune with her body, which she feels contributed to how quickly they got pregnant and how successful the pregnancy was.


Orianna Milne

"My goal in working with Ivy was to get my body in alignment to get pregnant. As I write this, I’ve just given birth to a healthy baby girl!

Before working with Ivy, I was struggling with hormonal imbalance and heavy periods.  With her coaching, I learned about a variety of foods and supplements that complement my menstrual cycle and how to work with my body’s needs through the different phases.  Feeling more attuned to that natural rhythm helped me understand and be guided by my body throughout each month, which greatly assisted my healing.  

Ivy helps bring a deep reflection that is beyond food and supplements.  Her work goes deep and helps unearth potential mental or spiritual obstacles that may be contributing to your overall picture of health"

Dr. EC Thompson

“Jumpstart Your Fertility is a helpful and innovative tool to understand some of the key issues you may be facing in your fertility journey.”

 Shauna Brittenham

“On every level, Ivy was equipped to feed my mind and soul with the nourishment necessary to experience the powerful birth that I did.

From explaining the anatomical nuances of pregnancy and childbirth to facilitating a healthy dialogue with my husband about the decisions we were making, Ivy was there every step of the way to support and encourage my truth. Thank you, Ivy, for the instincts, intellect and empathy that made my pregnancy a courageous one. I am forever grateful”

Jumpstart My Fertility Now!

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